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Technology transfer resources

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Technology transfer and commercialisation professionals need practical resources to make their jobs easier and advance their careers. The below is a compilation of resources sorted by categories. Most of the are free-to-access resources.

Online training programs

Technology transfer and commercialisation - Online course

This is the online training program provided by us, The Transfer Institute, to get a practical overview of the technology transfer process.

Online professional certifications

Technology transfer professional certification - Online exam

This is the online exam provided by us, The Transfer Institute, to become a certified professional on technology transfer.

Guides, manuals and handbooks

ipHandbook of Best Practices

A comprehensive range of topics related to technology transfer and IP commercialisation, and additional resources such as case studies, learning items, sample documents and information databases. Published by the Concept Foundation, PIPRA, FIOCRUZ and bioDevelopments-Int. Institute.

FLC Technology Transfer Desk Reference

Comprehensive introduction to technology transfer and technology transfer initiatives and mechanisms followed by the US Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC).

Case studies

ipHandbook of Best Practices - Case studies

More than 50 case studies on IP management including technology transfer from the agriculture/food and health/medicine industries worldwide. Published by the Concept Foundation, PIPRA, FIOCRUZ and bioDevelopments-Int. Institute.

Health-2-Market (H2M) Technology Transfer Case Studies (PDF)

A set of 19 cases studies were developed as training materials during the EU Health-2-Market project. The case studies development was based on outcomes from previous project activity, and they refer to intellectual property and technology transfer business development. Developed by Inno TSD.

Sample agreements

ipHandbook of Best Practices - Sample agreements

Collection of sample agreements regarding technology transfer and IP commercialisation: confidentiality, license (material transfer, IP, etc.), R&D collaborations, employment, etc. Published by the Concept Foundation, PIPRA, FIOCRUZ and bioDevelopments-Int. Institute.

Associations and professionals societies


Previously known as the 'Association of University of Technology Managers', AUTM is the leading association in technology transfer in the US.


ASTP-Proton is the leading knowledge transfer association in Europe.

LESI, Licensing Executives Society International

The umbrella organization of national and regional associations for licensing executives, which aim to advance the business of intelectual property.


Glossary by FLC

US federal commercialization knowledge and terminology typically used throughout the technology transfer process. Published by US Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC).

ipHandbook glossary (PDF)

Definitions for important, commonly used terms in the fields of technology transfer and IP management. Published by the Concept Foundation, PIPRA, FIOCRUZ and bioDevelopments-Int. Institute.

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