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Technology transfer and commercialisation - Online course

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Design a strategy to transfer and commercialise technologies developed at universities and research organisations, and get the keys to transform inventions into successful innovations.

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Online program with unlimited access: start at anytime and dedicate the time at your own pace.

Project-based learning

Applied learning based on applied-project, case studies, readings and tools.

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Learn by interacting with course peers in the forum-based community of practice.

Cost of the program: €250

Online training program

Technology transfer and commercialisation - Online course

This course will help you

  • Formulate an overall strategy to transfer and commercialise technologies (Intellectual Property) from academia to industry.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the technology transfer process, which involves several interconnected phases such as identification, assessment, protection, and maturation of the technology, as well as engagement, negotiation, contracting, and monitoring the process.
  • Learn the essentials of the key elements in each of the technology transfer process phases including including invention disclosing, technology value proposition, commercialisation routes, technology transfer partners, and negotiating licensing agreements.
  • Use some tools and methodologies to help plan the technology transfer process.
  • Realize the importance and context of technology transfer.

Why taking this online course?

  • This online course is an exceptional training program on the essentials of technology transfer and commercialization from academia to industry.
  • There are several academic programs and courses on technology transfer, but there are very few practice-oriented courses, such as this online course.
  • This online course is affordable and accessible at anytime, from anywhere, trough any device connected to the internet.
  • This online course allows to prepare yourself for the complementary professional certification in technology transfer and commercialisation issued by the Transfer Institute, in case you want to obtain it in the future.

What is the course content?


Introduction to technology transfer

  • Concept of technology transfer
  • Characterizing features of technology transfer
  • Technology transfer mechanisms
  • Motivations for technology transfer
  • Benefits of technology transfer
  • Law framework for technology transfer
  • Technology transfer offices

The technology transfer process

  • Overview of the technology transfer process
  • First stage: create value to innovate
  • Second stage: develop the partnership

Technology identification

  • The technology identification phase
  • Results of R&D activity
  • Invention disclosure
  • Interviewing researchers

Technology assessment

  • The technology assessment phase
  • Factors to make the right decisions
  • Value proposition of the technology
  • Market analysis
  • Time of market entry
  • Protection strength
  • Capacity of the research team
  • Pathways to transfer technology
  • Partners in technology transfer
  • Technology transfer strategic plan
  • Market validation

Technology protection

  • The technology protection phase
  • Overview of intellectual property rights
  • Getting the technology protected by patenting
  • Checking patentability
  • Filing the patent
  • The patenting process in a nutshell

Technology maturation

  • The technology maturation phase
  • Bridging the gap towards the market
  • Development and proof of concept
  • Required partners

Partner engagement

  • The engagement phase
  • The process for locating technology partners
  • The engagement process with technology partners

Deal-making and negotiation

  • The deal-making and negotiation phase
  • Overview of the negotiation process
  • Preparing the negotiation process


  • The contracting phase
  • Overview of technology transfer contracts
  • License agreement
  • Structure of a patent license agreement
  • Spin-offs (startup creation)

Process monitoring

  • The monitoring phase
  • Technology transfer implementation
  • The technology package to transfer
  • Monitoring actions
  • Disputes in technology transfer


  • Carbon Nanotechnology Lowers Cost of Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Dynapower and Raychem Announce Technology Transfer Agreement
  • Patent Licensing: up to $1.18 Trillion contributed to U.S. Economy Since 1996
  • The technology transfer process in some universities
  • Navigating technology transfer issues
  • Improving invention disclosure quality
  • INNOVA Program, financing proof-of-concept projects
  • Reinventing tech transfer
  • Rive Technology, a spinoff to catalyst the industry


  • Identification of technology: research project on bone treatment
  • Assessment of technology: research project on bone treatment
  • Identification of technology: research project on bone treatment
  • Protection of technology: research project on bone treatment
  • Maturation of technology: research project on bone treatment
  • Deal making and negotiation: research project on bone treatment


  • The Technology Transfer Canvas
  • Invention disclosure forms
  • Conversation with researchers to identify inventions / script of interview
  • Information available to identify inventions
  • Technology assessment dashboard
  • Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs)
  • Preparation of technology brochure
  • Preparation of negotiation on technology transfer
  • Templates and models for technology transfer agreements


  • Commercialisation of an invention from lab to market

Who should enroll?

Professionals, executives, fresh graduates and anyone interested in the technology transfer and commertialization at Universities, Research Organisations, Research Hospitals, Technology Organisations, Science Parks, Consultancy Firms, Companies and Start-ups, Foundations, Government, etc.

No particular prerequisites in terms of qualifications, background, experience, nor country is required to enroll in this online course.

Training methodology


  • Lessons. Executive summary-style based compilation of essential key takeaways (concepts, ideas) on the subject topic, carefully selected from relevant sources and real-life experience. It allows to gain knowledge on the topic quickly and direct to the point.
  • Readings. Curated real examples to illustrate certain aspects or concepts in a given situation, context or background. It allows to gain knowledge on complementary aspects to the key concepts that lead participants to understand the full picture of the topic.
  • Case studies. Case studies on practical situations to see how they have been addressed in reality. It allows to make the connection between the key concepts and practice to apply the acquired learning to ‘real life’ perspective.
  • Tools. Analytical tools and methodologies (i.e. templates, procedures, analytical frameworks) developed by third parties, as well as The Transfer Institute. It supports the application of the learning to daily practice.


  • Discussion forums. Online community of practice where course participant can interact to share their point of view about the readings, case studies and concepts of the course, ask questions and debate on any aspect of the course.


  • Application project. Learning project to be developed by the course participant to apply the learning to a real situation-based project. The project is developed at the end of the course and reviewed by other course participants to benefit from valuable feedback from course peers, who are industry professionals mainly.


  • Online campus. Our virtual learning platform is based on Moodle, one of the most widely used open source e-learning applications in the educational world. The online campus is accessible from any device connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day (24/7).
  • Unlimited Access. You have unlimited access to the online course so you can enjoy indefinitely lifelong-learning by means of updates of the course materials and new contributions in the discussion and project forums.
  • Downloadable documents. All course materials are available to download as ready-to-print PDF documents.


  • Participants-driven learning. The course is fully self-paced with feedback provided by other course peers through the online discussion forums. There is no course instructor, and in case of specific questions regarding the topic and course assistance, a facilitator helps the participant.
  • Advisory board. A pool of experts in the field of technology transfer have revised the online course learning methodology, curriculum, materials, and complementary certification requirements.

Mode of delivery and duration

  • The course is entirely online. You can take it from anywhere in the world by using any device connected to the internet (i.e. PC, laptop, tablet).
  • The course is self-paced. You can start today, or at anytime, and dedicate the time you need to finish it, at your own pace of learning.
  • The course duration is about 20 hours, that can be taken at the participant’s criteria (i.e, two hours a day, four hours a day, five hours a week).
  • The course is fully developed in English language.

Statement of completion

Upon completion of the course participants can download a document of completion of the course. This statement is issued by The Transfer Institute and, although it is not academically accredited, it is endorsed by our institution as a private entity dedicated to the professional development of the sector.

The course is not graded, as it is not academically but practice-oriented. Once all course activities are completed the course is finished and the statement of completion can be downloaded.

Professional certification available

An online professional certification complementary to this online course is also available. Please learn more and check pricing options for discounts when purchasing the package course plus certification.

Cost €250
Self-paced learning
Project-based learning
Interactive learning
Unlimited access

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