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The Technology Transfer Canvas

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The Technology Transfer Canvas is an exclusive and free analytical tool developed by The Transfer Institute to visualize the process of analyzing the transfer of a technology from laboratory to market in a certain organization, such as a university, research center, technology lab, etc.

The purpose is to have on a single page all the information related to the technology transfer process to support strategic analysis, decision-making and training, in a clear and effective way. The outcome is to get a sort of roadmap of the key actions to implement. It is a tool that follows the trend of canvases so popular in recent years that are an excellent aid for reflection.


The canvas divides the process traditionally known as "technology transfer" into two (2) major complementary stages:

  • Creation of value: the first stage seeks to generate value propositions and business opportunities for the market and society, based on the results of scientific research and technological development. It is about making appropriate decisions to maximize the added value of a technology so that it becomes a more attractive asset for industry.
  • Development of the partnership: the second stage tries to make visible the value propositions to the target audience, engage with potential partners and formalize the collaboration in technical, economic and legal terms.

Each of the stages is subdivided into a series of phases that analyze a specific aspect:

  • Identification: What are the potential IP rights from R&D projects to be disclosed? Are there any other relevant outcomes of the organization's R&D projects?
  • Assessment: Is there a potential market to commercialize the technology? Which factors can be evaluated to make decisions from a market perspective (i.e. value proposition, market research, protection strength)? Which are the next steps to commercialize the technology?
  • Protection: It is possible to protect the technology and which mechanisms can be used? Which IP rights can be generated and how can they be granted? Is everything in compliance with the applicable legal frameworks?
  • Readiness: Is the technology mature enough (ready) to create value for the market? What kind of development is required to materialize the innovation opportunity?
  • Engagement: Does the organization have suitable information sources, communication channels and promotional materials to identify, find and engage with the target partners?
  • Negotiation: Has the negotiation process been carefully prepared? Have the terms and conditions of the agreement been negotiated by the parties?
  • Contracting: Has the appropriate legal mechanism (contract) to transfer the technology been identified by the parties? Does the IP license agreement comprise the precise content?
  • Monitoring: Is the partner ready to implement the technology and prepared to obtain the benefits that the technology can provide? Does the organization have the mechanisms to monitor the proper course of the technology transfer partnership?


The provided PDF document is designed to be used in printed version in any size: A4/A3 page to work individually or in small groups on a table or desk, and poster size (A2, A1, A0 or larger size) to work on a wall or wall with a large group of people. The canvas is most useful when used in combination with postit® or similar sticky notes.

Participants in the online course offered by The Transfer Institute have the Microsoft PowerPoint document ready to use in digital version, and also have the opportunity to apply it in the course’s practical project.

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