The Technology Transfer Canvas

Your technology transfer strategy – on one page

The Technology Transfer Canvas is a tool to design and visualize your technology transfer strategy on one single page, for universities, research centers, companies, start-ups or any organization.

Use the canvas to

Develop a roadmap with the necessary steps to transfer a specific technology from lab to market

Define a strategy to create value from any science & technology based assets exist within the organization (IP, know-how, competencies, etc.) for the society

Design or analyze the technology transfer model for any organization

Simply print the canvas (A4 or larger size) to work individually or as a team, on the table or the wall, using post-it ® notes or just writing down directly to the canvas.

How it works?

9 technology transfer phases

  • Create value for innovation: the Identification, Assessment and Protection phases, let the organization create value from technology for innovation and social impact.
  • Market the deal: the Validation, Maturation and Engagement phases, let the organization market the technology to the right partner.
  • Materialize the partnership: the Contracting, Implementation and Monitoring phases, let the organization materialize the technology transfer partnership.

6 enabling elements

  • Organization depending: three enabling elements can accelerate the technology transfer process which depend on the organization itself, like its capability to generate excellence and innovation, its ability to be visible and attractive, and its streamlined processes.
  • Beyond the organisation´s control: the three remaining elements as working on a challenging environment, being part of an innovation ecosystem, and having a suitable legal framework.

Free download and reuse

Download the canvas

You’re free to Share & Remix the Canvas!

The Canvas is licensed as creative commons so enjoy it free. Just be sure to link back to after each use, and share your work under a similar licence. Here’s the legal info.

Technology transfer training

We have developed a Technology Transfer online Training Program to learn how to manage the technology transfer process in universities, research organizations or companies to transform early technology opportunities into successful innovations. Our technology transfer canvas is used as framework.