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"Better by tech" accreditation for cities

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The “Better by tech” accreditation for cities by The Transfer Institute validates the intent and achievements of cities, towns, municipalities, villages, neighborhoods, and regions in becoming better places with the help of technology by means of a fully online, easy, fast, and cost-effective process unlike traditional, lengthy, expensive, physically based accreditations.

Online process

Fully online accreditation process

Easy process

Just apply and fill the questionnaire

Fast process

1-2 weeks time frame to review

Cost of the accreditation: €995 €495

Online process-based accreditation

“Better by tech” accreditation for cities


The objective of this accreditation is to recognize and distinguish the efforts of those cities that are using (or in the process of using) the technology to become a better place to live in.


Any city, town, municipality, village, neighborhood, region regardless its size can apply to this accreditation.

Accreditation benefits

  • Validate and endorsement by an independent institution such as The Transfer Institute that your city is becoming a better place to live in.
  • Improve your city reputation; thus, increased visibility and consideration of people and organizations.
  • Differentiate your city from others in the currently competitive urban-business environment.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the creation of the knowledge economy and the new derived urban landscape.
  • Join a growing community of accredited cities that are providing remarkable experiences for its citizens.

Accreditation criteria

The Transfer Institute, as an independent body awarding accreditation, ensures that a city complies with the below accreditation rubric. That is, a set of four quality standards and the criteria against which achievement of these standards will be measured.

Quality standard #1: Living


  • Improve inhabitants' quality of life in a broad sense (participation in decision, information, services, vibrant life, creativity, etc.

Quality standard #2: Transport


  • Improve transport solutions (management, infrastructure, automatic vehicles…).

Quality standard #3: Architecture


  • Smarter architecture, housing solutions, urban spaces, etc.

Quality standard #4: Environment


  • Environmental respect, integration of nature, sustainability (air monitoring, smart design, etc.

Gaining the certification

To gain the certification the institution must comply with at least 80% of the criteria, both overall and in all of the quality standards.

Validity of the accreditation

This accreditation is permanently valid for lifetime. So, the city does not need to renew it in the future.

How to get accredited

1. Application
Apply to our accreditation program and pay the accreditation fee. We will provide you with the accreditation questionnaire after that.
2. Questionnaire
Fill out and send back the accreditation questionnaire to show your city’s compliance with the accreditation quality standards and related criteria.
3. Accreditation
We will review the questionnaire and supporting evidence in about a week timeframe to issue your the accreditation credential and send it by email (pdf accreditation).

Accreditation fees

  • Application to get the accreditation, review and credential issue: €995 €495
  • As we are finalising the development of the accreditation, we are offering a 50% dicsount for the cities that apply at this stage.

Apply now

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Cost €995
Permanent validity
Online-based process
Easy process
1-2 weeks time frame

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The Transfer Institute as an accreditation institute

The Transfer Institute works for the benefit of the urban development as well as the HE sector, to remove barriers to education, to create globally recognizable standards, to improve professional performance as well as to enable anyone involved in the sector to participate in its development.

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