Technology Transfer Training Program – online edition


Learn how to manage the full process to transfer and commercialise technologies in universities, research organisations, hospitals, start-ups or companies, and get the keys to transform early technology opportunities into successful innovations.

Cost: €250 EUR  |  Duration: 30 hours online  |  Available soon

Get a comprehensive overview and go into details on the key stages with this online training course: identifying and evaluating opportunities, planning of commercialisation strategies, managing intellectual property, engaging with commercialisation partners, drafting and negotiating licencing agreement, and developing spin-outs.

Our benefits

Easy access to training

  • 100% online learning, from anywhere, at anytime and from any PC or mobile device
  • No need for previous experience or background

Immediate, life-long learning

  • Get started today
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Unlimited access (course updates, discussions and tutor)

Aimed at professionals

  • Professional practice-oriented course PDF documentation with case studies and practical tools and guides


  • Build valuable relationships with a community of professionals who participate in the course

Diploma and certification

  • Course completion certificate
  • Preparatory course to obtain the professional certification issued by the Transfer Institute

Reputed Institute

  • The Transfer Institute is a highly regarded organisation which is solidly endorsed by a worldwide community of practitioners

Why this online course?

  • There are many programmes and academic courses on technology transfer, but there are very few practice-oriented courses, such as this online course, which is aimed at professionals, both novice and active.
  • This training programme is unique because it covers the complete cycle of the process of transfer and commercialisation of technologies, based on our unique Technology Transfer Canvas.
  • This programme allows you to very easily access quality training, and thus overcome the usual barriers to being trained in technology transfer: the need to attend classroom-based courses, membership in professional associations or academic environments, requiring previous experience, high cost, etc.
  • This programme allows you to prepare yourself for professional certification in technology transfer issued by the Transfer Institute, in case you want to obtain it in the future.

What is the course content?

Introduction to technology transfer

  • What is technology transfer?
  • The technology transfer process

Technology identification

  • R&D results: technologies (IP) and competencies
  • Technology identification methods

Technology assessment

  • Technology value proposition and business model
  • Evaluation of transfer potential
  • Pathways for capitalising on technologies
  • Licencing, spin-out, and others routes
  • Market research
  • Technology transfer partners
  • Development and commercialization plan

Intellectual property rights

  • Overview of intellectual property rights
  • Introduction to patents
  • The patent document
  • Patentability requirements
  • The patenting process

Technology validation

  • Validation of technology strategy
  • The validation process

Technology maturation and proof of concept

  • Bridging the valley of death
  • Maturation and proof of concept


  • Locating technology partners
  • The engagement process with technology partners
  • Keys to collaborate with partners


  • Overview of technology transfer contracts

Deal making and negotiation

  • Overview of the negotiation process
  • Preparation of negotiation
  • Due diligence, goals and key conditions

Technology valuation

  • Overview of economic valuation methods
  • Quantitative methods valuation (cost, market, revenue, and option-based)
  • Qualitative methods of valuation

Technology Implementation

  • Technology transfer project management
  • The technology package to transfer

Spin-out development

  • Overview of spin-out development
  • Financial requirements of startups
  • Introduction to venture capital

Monitoring the technology transfer process

  • Monitoring actions
  • Performance measurement

The course includes more than 30 cases studies and practical tools. And more to come!

Who should enroll?

Professionals starting their career, new staff or experienced staff that need to face the technology transfer process, under an industry relationships framework, at Universities, Research Organisations, Research Hospitals, Technology Organisations, Science Parks, Consultancy Firms, Companies and Start-ups, Foundations, Government, etc.

Learning methodology

  • Experienced practitioners in the field of technology transfer have participated in the design of the course contents and methodology.
  • The course has a tutor-teacher who is fully available to meet the needs of the student (facilitating discussions, individual attention).

Registration and payment

  • You can register for the course now from our eStore. You can start the course immediately after completion of payment (bank transfer, PayPal account, credit card). After confirming the receipt of payment, we will send you the information to access the virtual campus.
  • Please contact us if you want to make a corporate registration or you have any problems with registration.
  • Price is shown in EURO and includes all taxes. Payment can be done via Paypal, credit card, and direct bank transfer.
  • Consultation discount for groups available.

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