Intellectual Property (IP) Professional Certification


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The Intellectual Property (IP) Professional Certification by The Transfer Institute validates your knowledge and experience in this domain of business through an online exam by instantly issuing the certification credential anywhere at anytime, unlike traditional, face-to-face exams, long-process based certifications.

Certification benefits

  • Validate and get endorsement by an independent institution such as The Transfer Institute that you have the knowledge and experience needed to perform a particular job related to science, technology and innovation policy.
  • Increase your employment opportunities and career development.
  • Improve your professional credibility and the consideration of organizations, customers, peers and colleagues.
  • Increase your confidence in the work done and your certainty of alignment with the industry best practices.
  • Differentiate yourself from your fellow professionals in the currently competitive business environment.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the creation of the knowledge economy.
  • Form part of a growing community of certified professionals in strategic management of science, technology and innovation.

Content of the certification exam

  • Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  • Patenting.
  • Technology valuation.

How to take the certification exam

  • You can take the exam online through our virtual campus, at any time and from anywhere in the world, by using any device connected to the Internet (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.).
  • You have maximum time of 4 hours to take the exam.
  • The exam is an online questionnaire (quiz) of 115 multiple choice questions about Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, as per the outline above mentioned.
  • To pass the certification exam you must obtain at least 75% of the quiz (75 out of 100).
  • Once you have passed the exam, the corresponding professional certification document is obtained automatically (you can download the pdf certificate).
  • If you do not pass the exam, you can return to take the certification exam again as many times as you like (examination re-attempt rates applicable).

Validity of the certification

  • This professional certification is permanently valid and will not expire in time, so it does not need to be renewed.

Exam certification fee

  • First attempt to take the certification exam: EUR 150.
  • Next attempts to re-take the certification exam: EUR 50.

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Why the Transfer Institute as a certification institute?

The Transfer Institute Certified Professional credential has been designed by experienced industry practitioners to help identify individuals with the essential talent to create a knowledge-based society.

The Transfer Institute works for the benefit of the profession, to remove barriers to professional development, to create globally recognizable standards in different areas of knowledge, to improve professional performance as well as to enable anyone involved in the sector to participate in its development.

This is all due to the absence of clear benchmarks and global regulations of use, the lack of professional development opportunities, as well as the complexity of access to existing options (need for membership, credit system, classroom-based training, etc.), mainly for new professionals who are far away from the leading global nodes in science, technology and innovation.

A growing community of professionals around the world, which you can be a part of, functions as an independent advisory body to assess the credentials awarded by The Transfer Institute, in order to monitor and uphold quality standards in line with the opinion of the profession, developments within the sector, and professional ethics.

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