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Innovation Strategy in R&D projects: a step by step guide

The guide explains why and when an innovation strategy is required in research & development projects, and how it should be developed and implemented. It responds to the demand of hundreds researchers and innovators in Europe focusing on different aspects of the exploitation of the R&D results. The guide is relevant to R&D practitioners concerned with increasing the market and commercial impacts of their research, working either on collaborative R&D projects or in company internal projects.

It was developed throughout the EU Health-2-Market project and despite examples are related to health sciences, the included methodologies are universal.


  • Innovation strategy – what for, for whom, and by whom?
  • Innovation strategy preparation
  • Innovation strategy implementation: a step by step guide
    • Commercialisation routes and business models
    • Intellectual assets and intellectual property
    • Business plan
    • Marketing strategy
    • Financing
    • European legislation, standardisation and certification issues
  • Innovation strategy follow-up and evaluation
  • Useful references

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